Mosaic Times is an online magazine that explores topics on multiculturalism, family, identity, and art & culture. We produce articles and other content that reflect our multicultural society and the experiences of the people in it.

Mosaic Times was born out of late night conversations comparing notes as new parents. Talking about our families, experiences abroad, and the current use of identity politics around the world made us realize that our multicultural families are now the norm in Canada. We wanted to create interesting content that would reflect and appeal to people like us, part of the new cultural mosaic.

Cait EspinozaCait Espinoza is a co-founder of Mosaic Times. During the week she can be found working as a writer, editor and marketing professional. Cait spent almost 10 years living abroad before returning to settle in Canada and now lives in British Columbia with her husband and daughter. Contact her on Twitter @theglobalblonde.

MT Head ShotMaya Mohan is a co-founder of Mosaic Times. Growing up in the West Indian community of Calgary, Alberta and living in various places in Canada and United States, Maya has experience with multiculturalism in many different environments. She currently lives in Ontario with her husband and young daughter.

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